• Insight Adventures Camps

    Inspiring personal development through unforgettable outdoor experiences.


    By taking students away from their busy city lives into some of China's most spectacular outdoor environments, Insight's personal development camps use outdoor activities as tools to teach young people in areas not necessarily covered during classroom learning.


    Delivering programmes that concentrate on the outcomes of an activity rather than the activity itself, camp participants develop in areas such as leadership, social, communication & language, as well as skills in areas relevant to international university admissions such as leadership, risk taking, critical thinking & teamwork.


    Improvements in health, happiness & self awareness, go hand in hand with learning new physical skills and build confidence in the face of challenge.


    Every programmes includes twin share accommodation, airport pickup & drop offs, trip meals, and Domestic & International Insurance Coverage. All activities are facilitated by Insight Adventures' own certified instructors.

    7 day programmes that get kids & young adults out of the house and into the outdoors, taking advantage of China's hot summer weather.

    Hainan Island, Yangshuo, Inner Mongolia


    A great way to break down boundaries and improve communication amongst peers while engaging in some activities that bring students out of their comfort zones in a safe and controlled environment.


    7 day snow activity trips for students of all ages and abilities.

    2022 Beijing Winter Olympics site in Hebei Province


    An opportunity to make new friends and develop much needed communication and creativity abilities, while learning new skills in the snow covered mountains of northern China. 


    3 - 4 day programmes over short breaks and long weekends focussing on communication skills and teamwork.

    Moganshan, The Great Wall & more.


    Involving a range of team survival challenges, these intensive programmes encourage students to think on their feet in order to overcome the problems at hand.




    Insight Adventure's Summer Youth Leadership Course is open to students 13 years and older. Focussing on engaging young adults in challenging situations, breaking down barriers and improving communication skills, the programme encourages students to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.


    This 7 day, 6 night expedition takes place in the grasslands surrounding Inner Mongolia's capital city Hohhot. Each day will be spent hiking across the regions flat terrain learning about a range of topics relevant to older students.  


    With learning taking place primarily along the journey, the programme also includes dedicated workshops in areas such as Communication, Independence, Decision Making & Taking, Time Management, Leave No Trace Principals, Responsibility, Conflict Resolution & Reflection.

    Day 1 - Sunday

    Welcome to Inner Mongolia!

    Arrive Hohhot & transfer to grasslands.


    After introducing the trip and getting to know their fellow students through a range of ice breakers & tone setting activities, the programme moves straight into training workshops for the coming week's expedition. These include, bag packing, camp hygiene, meal planning, hydration, role & expectation setting.


    Day 2 - Monday

    Hiking & basic 101 workshops

    Inner Mongolia Grasslands


    Beginning the day with aMorning Circle, participants hike through the grasslands, receiving en route instruction on pack carrying, blisters, group management, communication techniques, group dynamics, decision making, time management, hiking etiquette & efficiencies and LNT Principals. 


    Day 3 - Tuesday

    Navigation and intermediate hiking practice

    Inner Mongolia Grasslands


    Learning areas include, pacing of the group, lost student practice scenarios, hotspots, dehydration prevention, orientation, mapping, circles of responsibility, cat-holes, wood hunt and more. 


    Day 4 - Wednesday

    SMART Goals

    Inner Mongolia Grasslands


    After morning circle and breaking camp, Day 4 focusses primarily on SMART goals. Learning how to set effective life goals and measure & track goal accomplishments.


    Day 5 - Thursday

    Conflict Resolution & Solo

    Inner Mongolia Grasslands


    With a morning focussing on Conflict Resolution (CFR, VOMP ) the afternoon is spent on a solo exercise. After hiking to their own camp site within a given space, Solo exercises promote reflection, exploring everyone on your team, what feedback you can give them to make them stronger and what do they need to hear to make them better.


    Day 6 - Friday

    Camp Overview & Reflection

    Returning to Hohhot


    Finishing off the expedition with one last push in the morning and a traditional lunch banquet, camp debrief & reflection exercises and transport back to Hohhot. The evening is spend at a Mongolian Theatre Dinner before retiring early to a comfortable city hotel. 


    Day 7 - Saturday

    Farewell and Return Home

    Hohhot City


    After a big hotel breakfast and final goodbyes, students return to the airport and head home.



    This 7 day Yangshuo programme will focus on students discovering their inner selves and learning to identify their own strengths and weaknesses by challenging what they think they are and are not capable of. Adventure activities such as rock climbing & abseiling will test students mentally as well as physically as they gradually step out of their comfort zones.


    Guangxi is one of China’s least developed provinces, steeped in rich minority culture with a landscape dominated by unique karst mountains. Scattered with untouched, and often hidden natural treasures, Yangshuo is where Insight calls home, and has quickly developed into China's adventure capital.


    A range of other cultural and teamwork activities help to promote international awareness, mindfulness, leadership development, communication skills and critical thinking.

    Day 1 - Sunday

    Welcome to camp!

    Home - Guilin - Longsheng Guesthouse


    Students will be met in Guilin airport transferred by coach to Longsheng's famous rice terraces. Upon arrival, students will be paired up with a room buddy of the same gender and checked into their guesthouse before camp introductions and a range of icebreaker and team building challenges to get students settled and exicted for the week to come.


    Day 2 - Monday

    Following The Dragons Spine

    Longsheng Rice Terrace Hiking


    Day 2 is a culturally immersive hike through some of the most spectacular rice terraced land in the world. Build more than 650 years ago and dubbed “The Dragon’s Spine” due to the winding, scaly nature of the region. The evening is spent reflecting and bonding with other students. 


    Day 3 - Tuesday

    Living and learning together as a team.

    Longsheng - Yangshuo


    A morning transfer to Yangshuo, hotel check-in and off to explore the hidden treasures of Yangshuo's famous West Street. Students will have specific, real-world tasks to complete as a team which challenge their communication and leadership skills followed by a delicious local meal & reflection activities in the evening. 


    Day 4 - Wednesday

    Rock Climbing, Archery & Camp Cooking 

    Yangshuo - Fuli Basecamp Camping


    Just a short drive from Yangshuo, Insight's very own basecamp is set amongst the karst in some of the regions most stunning farmland. Through rock climbing and archery sessions, students will have the opportunity to test themselves mentally as well as physically. Preparing their own food for the evening and camping teaches valuable skills for life after school.


    Day 5 - Thursday

    Abseiling, Orienteering & Navigation

    Fuli Basecamp - Yangshuo Hotels


    After a good night's sleep, Day 5 starts off with some morning warm up exercises before an orienteering and navigating themselves to our nearby abseiling site where they'll step out of their comfort zone and literally go over the edge, all under the supervision of Insight's internationally trained vertical instructors.


    Day 6 - Friday

    Taichi, Caving & Traditional Fan Painting

    Experiencing the REAL Yangshuo


    Insight Adventures strives to embrace different customs, languages and ideas, through curiosity and acceptance and of course, lots of fun. Day 6 immerses students in some of the traditional customs of the local people as well as teaching students about the environmental factors that have contributed to the areas incredible landscape.


    Day 7 - Saturday

    Morning Hike, Farewells & Travel Home

    Yangshuo - Guilin - Home


    With a morning hike up to one of Yangshuo's most spectacular look out sites before breakfast, student participate in a programme completion ceremony where they will reflect on what they've learnt together over the last week and receive detailed feedback from our facilitators. A short trip to the airport, students and staff say their farewells before heading home. 



    SUN & SURF

    Running Sunday to Saturday, in collaboration with our partners at the Howard Jonson Resort Sanya Bay, these weeklong programmes provide participants the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities unique to a coastal location, with the programme's main focus being developing new skills in and around the water.


    Running Sunday to Saturday, in collaboration with our partners at the Howard Jonson Resort Sanya Bay, these weeklong programmes provide participants the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities unique to a coastal location, with the programme's main focus being developing new skills in and around the water.

    Day 1 - Sunday

    Welcome to camp!

    Home - Sanya, Hainan Island


    Campers arrive and are transferred directly to our hotel for the week. After being paired up with a room buddy of the same gender and checked in, ice breaker activities and team games begin on the beach to get everyone settled and ready for a fun week.


    Day 2 - Monday

    Introduction to bouldering, climbing & raft building. 

    Howard Johnson pool and beach area


    Both a personal and team challenge activity day, campers learn the basics of rock climbing & bouldering on our own pool side climbing wal with Insight climbing instructors before heading to the beach in the afternoon for knot tying, raft building & race. 


    Day 3 - Tuesday

    Mini golf & Introduction to Surf Skills

    Howard Johnson Sanya Bay


    After a fun morning of golf games around the hotel, students head over to a shaded area to learn the basics of surfing. Practicing the various techniques with their team mates, campers get comfortable with all these important skills, before taking to the waves in the coming days.


    Day 4 - Wednesday

    Introduction Camping, Camp Survival Skills, & Cooking

    Sanya Bay Beach


    A day of challenging beach activities that focusses on camping skills where students have to listen, learn and work together with their fellow campers to setup a camp site to survive the elements.


    Day 5 - Thursday

    Sand Castle Team Challenge, Surf Relay and & Surfing

    Sanya Bay Beach


    In the morning students head to the beach for some teamwork games in the sand before putting their previously learned surf skills to the test out in the gentle, shallow waters of Sanya Bay. 


    Day 6 - Friday

    Navigation Skills, Scavenger Hunt & Catapult Team Challenge

    Howard Johnson Sanya Bay


    Based in and around the hotel grounds, day 6 is a real test of the social and communication skills campers have learnt over the last 5 days. Working together to navigate their way around in search of hidden gems and clues to where the treasure is buried.


    Day 7 - Saturday

    Snorkelling Underwater Scavenger Hunt, Awards & Farewell

    Howard Johnson Sanya Bay


    The last morning is spent in and out of the pool before having a final award & farewell ceremony. Students receive feedback on their progress over the week from their instructors and have time to reflect on their own accomplishments before transferring to the airport and heading home. 



    JANUARY 2017


    The best way to meet new friends and have a great time during the winter break.


    Stay tuned for more Insight Adventures' Snow School Winter Camps coming early 2017!

  • FAQS

    It is important to explore all options when it comes to outdoor education camps. Here are some common questions we get asked when arranging fun, meaningful, and safe, outdoor experiences for kids.

    How long have you been working with children in the outdoors?

    We've been around doing outdoor adventures since 1999 and have had more than five years of experience working directly with China's biggest and best international schools.

    Are you an official Chinese company?

    Yep, Insight Adventures is a official travel agency with a registered office in Shanghai operating under the Chinese business name 上海唯联国际旅行社有限公司. Click here for a copy of our business licence.

    Where are you staff from and what makes them qualified to look after my kids?

    We have staff from all over the world! With an established guide screening, selection and training programme, not only do we only employ the best people possible, but we also train them to our own international standard.

    What about insurance for activities?

    All of our camp instructors have advanced wilderness medical certificates and are well trained to deal with any emergency situation. Every student who registers for a programme is covered under Chartis Group Travel Accident Insurance. Click here for a copy of the policy.

    What's the point of sending my kids to do outdoor activities?

    Quite simply, outdoor education has proven to benefit the development of well rounded young adults through teaching them about themselves, others and the world around them in ways that parents, peers and the traditional education system can't.

    Can my child bring their mobile phone, iPad, laptop, etc?

    These camps are an opportunity for your child to interact with other students in the real world. Whilst they can bring their phones to the camp our instructors will confiscate them during the day whilst they are doing activities, and again after “lights out” to ensure everyone is paying attention, participating and getting a good night rest.


    iPads, laptops and other electronics are not permitted on camp.

    What should I prepare for this trip?

    Recommended packing lists for each location can be found in the programme descriptions above.

    How will children get to and from camp?

    Each camp has return flights departing from Shanghai, that will have Insight staff members accompanying students to and from camp.


    Please see programme descriptions above for the specific flight numbers to book.

    My child will be on a different flight to the ones listed in the programme description, what time should they arrive and depart?

    If you choose to send your child on a flight other than the ones Insight will accompany campers on, it is essential that children arrive no later than 4pm on Day 1 and depart no later than 4pm on Day 7.

    For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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